Fun things to do with your boyfriend

There are too many fun things do with your boyfriend to list in one short space. But there are some that seem to be popular favorites. Bear in mind your boyfriend’s preferences when you look at the list of fun things do with your boyfriend.

Obviously a boyfriend who hates golf might not find mini-golf all that fun, and someone who’s not much of a reader won’t enjoy the date at the bookstore. But use your imagination and your boyfriend’s preferences and you’ll come up with your own fun things do with your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend will probably find anything he does with you fun, even if it’s an activity he’s not crazy about. So be sure you come up with fun things do with your boyfriend that you know he’ll love, even if they’re things you’re not really into.

Sometimes the most fun things you can do are very simple, like surprising him with a dinner or a favorite dessert you made yourself. Other times you’ll want to be more elaborate. For everyday fun things, even just a few minutes of the day that are a surprise can be great, like surprising him with a shoulder massage or a foot rub.

When you have the funds to surprise him with something more costly, he’ll know how much you must have wanted to give it to him to spend money on it. But don’t worry about the cost, especially if the fun things you come up with don’t cost much. These things truly should be from the heart, not the pocketbook.

• Have a “date” with your boyfriend at home and listen to the radio—after you’ve called up and dedicated a song to him.

• Have an afternoon of mini-golf. Loser buys the after-game ice cream.

• Find a reading or a book signing at a local bookstore. Stores with cafes right inside are a great place to relax with a book and your boyfriend.

• Surprise him with tickets to a concert, and arrange for a driver to take you to the venue.

• When you’re at a restaurant where the staff sings happy birthday to their patrons, tell them it’s his birthday—even if it’s not.

• Go on a scavenger hunt at a flea market. Make of list of the items to find and mark them of as you find them with a note about where they were.

• Make a scavenger hunt for your boyfriend with notes and clues leading him to you!

• Has ever talked about wanting to do something, but has never done it? Like trying the bungee jump or parachute drop at an amusement park? Sign both of you up, then do it.

• Take him to a museum centered around something he enjoys, like trains, music, art or natural history.

Things you do that you love should be included too, and he should know they make you happy. That makes them some of the best fun things do with your boyfriend.

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