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How to write break up letters to boyfriend

How to write break up letters to boyfriend

Break up letters to boyfriend are, for the most part, a bad idea. Some people would rather write down what they’re feeling and thinking than say these things to someone’s face. While some people actually break up with their boyfriends in person and then write break up letters to boyfriend further explaining how they feel.

But don’t just write the letter intending to break up that way. You should always deliver news like that in person—not on the phone or in a letter. Your boyfriend probably deserves that much consideration. So when should girls write break up letters to boyfriend?

If you feel there’s no real resolution, then consider writing that break up letter. If you don’t feel you expressed yourself well enough, and you think he’s still confused about why you wanted to break up, a letter can help you explain things.

Sometimes, in cases where the boyfriend can’t seem to face the fact that the relationship is over, a break up letter makes it more real. It’s written down, in black and white so to speak, and can’t just be denied as if maybe he didn’t understand you correctly.

When you write break up letters to boyfriend, it’s something they can read and reread to help drive the point home. And it probably will be something he’ll read more than once, maybe several times, so you want to choose your words carefully.

It’s a good idea to write the letter and then set it aside for a while. You don’t want to be hasty when writing it and giving it to him. Go back the next day and read it again and make some changes. You’ll probably find things you want to take out, or maybe things you want to change around.

You also want to make it shorter rather than longer. Don’t go on for six pages about how he spent more time with his friends than you. Just mentioning the issue once is enough. The point of the letter is not to enumerate his flaws or make him feel bad, but to express how you felt.

You want to be honest when writing break up letters to boyfriend, but bear something important in mind. Anything you write down could be read by anyone at anytime. Never write something down that you’re comfortable with any stranger reading.

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You don’t know what he’ll do with the letter. If his best friend or his parents read it, would that make you uncomfortable? So be careful what you write and how you write it.

You might even want someone to read it over before you give it to him. Take care with this, too. Is your best friend someone you really want reading your break up letter? Can she really keep a secret? A family member might be a better choice. Just try to choose someone who really can keep a confidence.

Finally, when you write break up letters to boyfriend, just be honest without going on too long about what went wrong.

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