Ways to surprise your boyfriend – Be creative

There are many ways to surprise your boyfriend. Often, the smallest things can even be the biggest surprises. Surprising your boyfriend keeps a relationship interesting and will keep him guessing about what you’ll do next. And it can even inspire him to plan a surprise for you. When looking for ways to surprise your boyfriend, consider his personality.

Is he brain or brawn? Would he rather spend an evening with a novel or a set of free weights? Maybe he’s both and you’ve got a whole world of surprises to choose from! Does he love his pets, movies, theater, cars or airplanes? When thinking of ways to surprise your boyfriend, just think of what he loves and go from there.

You can surprise him with something that ties into his interests. If he’s a reader, find a bookstore/café in your area where there will be an author signing or some other literary event and makes plans to go. Drag him to the library book sale. Anything involving books should be a hit.

For the movie lover, plan a movie night at home complete with DVDs, popcorn, show candy and soda. Bring all the fun of the movie theater into your living room and have a movie night. Or get tickets to the latest movie he wants to see and surprise him.

Is he a fan of a classic movie star? Metropolitan areas often have all-day film festivals featuring several movies made by a particular actor or actress. Spent the day at the filmfest and let him indulge in his obsession!

The racing fan would enjoy an afternoon at the track with you, or an afternoon in the dog park. Offer to walk his dog, or buy a cute toy for his pet.

There are ways to surprise your boyfriend without purchasing a gift or tickets. Sometimes the little things are the ones that end up being the best. Slip a love note between the pages of his book, or into his lunchbox, briefcase or bag.

If you can put a note in his wallet between the dollar bills, that’ll be a great surprise next time he goes to pay for something. If you have access to his lunch container or some kind of bag he’ll get into frequently, a Hershey’s kiss with a tiny note can be a wonderful surprise.

Alternately, you could mail your boyfriend a love letter. Mailed letters are almost a lost art form these days, taken over as they are by emails and instant messages. Write a heartfelt love letter on pretty stationary, spritz it with some perfume and drop it in the mail.

Even a letter of congratulations, encouragement or support, especially when he’s going through a tough time, can be a welcome surprise. And it will come when he’s least expecting it—when he gets the mail. Even if you tell him you love him all the time, a mailed letter expressing your love is one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend.

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